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Switch & Pin Diode Switches

Switch Filters & Pin Diode Switches


KW Microwave can offer a variety of standard switch filters or custom unique applicationS. Our current designs extend from 10MHz to 26GHz and have a typical switching time of 500 nS. These switch filters can be designed for preselection, harmonic rejection, signal leaving or multiply band frequency separation.

KW Microwave will use GaAs MMIC or discrete diode to control the switching technology. The switch can be integrated with suspended substrate lumped element, combline, or printed microstrip filter technology. High Q lumped element filters are primarily utilized where size of the package is a major concern, and the need for high output rejection is required.


KW Microwave offers a wide range of pin diode control products. We use DaAs Pin Diode of GaAs MMIc technology to achieve the durability, switching speed and electrical performance are characteristics of our switches. Our switches have excellent insertion loss and VSWR performance over a wide operating band.

KW Microwave offers our pin diode control products with standard logic controls of TTL, CMOS or ECL..