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Circulators and Isolators – Introduction

KW Microwave has designed, and manufactured Ferrite circulators, isolators and associated products since the mid 1980’s with the purchase of Junction Devices Inc. (FSCM 60858). Similar to other products made by KW Microwave, Ferrite components have been supplied to a wide variety of commercial, military and space related applications.

Coaxial Devices (more)

  • Operating frequencies from 100 MHz to 26.0 GHz
  • Bandwidth from 1% to 77%
  • Custom packaging and connector configurations
  • High power handling designs
  • Multi- junction designs for optimum isolation
  • Low cost communication band isolators
  • Ancillary options such as integrated power monitor and couplers

Waveguide Devices

  • Available from 4 GHz to 45 GHz
  • Narrow band, high performance designs
  • Full band resonance isolators
  • Broad band junction devices
  • Multi-junction components
  • Miniature isolators and reduced length isolators
  • High Power handling to 20 KW available

Isoadaptors and Transitions

  • End-launch and right angle configurations
  • Choke flanges, cover flanges
  • SMA, type “N”, BNC, TNC and other coaxial connectors available
  • Ultra low loss, multi-junction isoadaptors designs available