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Ceramic Filters

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Ceramic filters and diplexers offer RF and Microwave engineers a cost effective option to meet their filters needs rather than using larger more costly filter technology.

KW Microwave’s leadless surface mount packages allow for a robust package that survives the rigors of production handling. These leadless packages are available on Tape and Reel for pick and place operation, allowing for automated assembly. They are designed and constructed to survive an SN62 reflow process. Ceramic Filters are also available as individual units (bulk.)

Center Frequency (Fc)400 to 2500 MHz200 to 3000 MHZ
3 dB Relative Bandwidth (% of Fc).5 to 5.1 to 10
Number of Sections Available2 to 52 to 9
Resonator Size (mm/in)4mm, 6mm, 12mm/
4 to 12/
12 to .475
Nominal Impedance5025 to 500
Typical Insertion LossSee Chart
Maximum VSWR2/11.5/1
Filter CharacteristicsChevychev
Maximum Average Input Power (10k ft.)12
Maximum Peek Input Power (10k ft)210
Operating Temperature0 to 50 C-54 to +100C
Storage Temperature*-40 to +70 °C-62 to +150 °C
Approximate Size (oz)See Chart
MountingSurface mount-leadless

KW Microwave offers Ceramic Filters in standard resonator sizes of 4mm, 6mm and 12mm. Basic rules concerning ceramic filters and diplexers are:

  • The larger the dielectric resonator size, the higher the Q-factor which equates to better electrical performance for insertion loss.
  • The more dielectric resonators ganged, or combined together, into a single filter equates to better selectivity for rejection.