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Special Circulators & Isolators


KW Microwave designs and manufactures a large variety of coaxial and waveguide multi-junction circulators for use with tunnel diode, parametric and other negative resistance type amplifiers.

These circulators are designed to provide optimum single-tuned characteristic response of amplifier port impedance vs.frequency. Insertion Loss between source input and amplifier port is minimized for best noise figure performance. Maximum isolation between source amplifier and output load port is furnished for maximum stability and gain shaping.

Many units in various configurations are available in the frequency range of .4 to 40.0 GHz Units can be supplied with the proper combination of frequency, band-width and temperature range. Insertion loss between source amplifier (single junction) of less than 0.2 dB can be provided.


KW Microwave currently manufactures lumped and distributed t circulators and isolators in drop-in and coax configurations. The frequency coverage is from 100 MHz to 40 GHz

These Units are low cost, light weight and have excellent performance. Assemblies are now available and meet all MIL specifications including temperature, humidity, shock and vibration.


KW Microwave ferrite circulators and isolators efficiently combine single and multiple coaxial junction circulators with waveguide transitions. This series of units provides a means of interconnecting waveguide and coaxial transmission lines with a ferrite circulator or isolator.

These units are available from 1.0 through 18.0 GHz, and are suited for use in parametric and tunnel diode amplifiers. They can be used as isolators and duplexers in many systems applications.

Bulky waveguide units can be replaced or retrofitted by more compact, light weight equivalents. Intricate and complex variations having three or more ports and can be furnished to customer specifications.

Special options available include: bias injection, DC blocking, removable connectors, magnetic shielding, integral terminations, choice of coaxial connectors, waveguide and flange types


KW Microwave manufactures integrated assemblies to meet specific customer requirements in both waveguide and coaxial structures: These packages include such component combinations as isolator-filters, circulator-coupler-detectors, isolator-switches, etc.

Since most package requirements cannot be met by interfacing standard catalog items, multiple components can be combined into ultra compact configurations.

When requesting quotations on special assemblies, please provide minimum information such as: frequency range, electrical characteristics, mechanical details and outline dimensions.

Assemblies are available to meet all MIL specifications including temperature, humidity, shock and vibration.