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GPS Diplexer: GPS-I-14007

GPS – Diplexer: I-14007

This diplexer is a low cost surface mount filter suitable for an unfiltered or underfiltered preamplifier or receiver. The diplexer can also be utilized internally in a receiver design. This particular diplexer provides spurious free response to over 3GHz and the remaining spurious responses are far superior to a ceramic filter.

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Channel #1 Center Frequency1227 MHz
Pass Band20 MHz
Channel #2 Center Frequency1575 MHz
Pass Band20 MHz
Insertion Loss1.5 dB Maximum
40 dB Rejection Frequency± 75 Mhz from Center Frequency
Channel #1 & #2 VSWR1.5:1 Maximum
Common Port VSWR2.0:1 Maximum
Ultimate Rejection Up to 3 GHz50 dB Maximum
RF Power10 watts avg. – 100 watts peak – 10% duty cycle
Size1.42: x 0.854″ x 0.400″
ConnectorsAxial Pins / Field Replaceable SMA
Temperature-55 Deg C to +85 Deg C
Qual TestsMil 883, Method 5008B, 202 & 810
Delivery8weeks ARO